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Ardor is labour of love emanating from a space of conscious and responsible branding that goes beyond creating an image for a product. We take principles of branding to enhance face value of individuals , organizations, programs and projects through storytelling and narratives. Story telling is an ancient yet contemporary art form, it is the crafting of our experience into tangible and easily understandable formats. For example, when we experience something in joy, awe, achievements, milestones, career goals, professional growth ; usually we do not document it in our resume or CV. Only the outcome gets documented but the process, our growth , the impact the work created and our satisfaction can be depicted through narratives and stories. This is what we do at Ardor!!


Our mission is to provide quality documentation , portfolio, personal and professional branding using story telling , narratives, learning design through the paradigm of emergent progressive branding 


Our vision is to help individuals, organizations, communities and companies identify the emergent target, market and preference through storytelling, narrative construction and design of learning. Our definition of progressive design includes emergent branding that is discovered over a period of time through the personality of the entity and its growth and is not forcefully created 

Progressive Branding requires discovering the personality the brand already possesses. The idea is not to create an identity for the brand but let it emerge.

The best way to allow emergence of personality is storytelling and visual narratives. There is a set schedule of steps stretched over a period of time that amount to emergence of brand persona followed by identification of brand attributes. Learning design is then employed to hone in on the brand attributes and highlight them through various modes of narratives, story boards, presentations, websites, visual blogs etc. on a variety of platforms

Everyone has a story to tell , typically in Branding, experts would say " Everyone has stories to sell " but at Ardor, we are looking at the stories we can tell! Whether our stories sell something or inspire others or facilitate change or help us grow or pave pathways to higher aspirations, it is important to brand the full potential and possibilities for the person or product or process before you can sell it. If you have to tap into the emergence of value, a systems approach, create something that can weather shifts and change , then stories have to be told before they can be sold  

StartUp Branding

Startups need storytelling to bootstrap , to get feedback on prototypes, to document the process of building the startup. Not all startups are suitable to be pitched to investors right away after prototyping. Startups in services sector need storytelling to brand their journey. Narratives are required to show their progress and identify their market niche. Storytelling can be an effective way of establishing market presence, showing their personality and differentiating themselves from similar competitors. Startups can also use storytelling to collect feedback and assess their products.  


Visual Branding

Visual branding refers to visual representation of your profile either through a narrative based blog or website or an online portfolio or a combination of all the aspects. Visual branding is an impressive way of making complex attributes of your achievement understandable to everyone. One should choose visual branding if you want to create an impact through extrapolating a career or personal hobby or professional achievements because not everything can be captured effectively through words. 

Click here to see Visual blog

Personal Branding

Divya Shivanarayan is a classical Dancer and a Bharatnatyam teacher who is interested in developing a pedagogy for the art form. She uses creative and innovative ways to enhance her expertise. Ardor, created a storyboard for her portfolio to narrate her story from a child using dance for play to blossoming into an adult who took to her favourite art form as a profession instead of a hobby.

Portfolio Branding

Prashanth Kumar is an Assistant Professor and we helped him document his journey as a learner, a teacher, a facilitator and helped him delve into his teaching methods to understand what worked and what did not...He was able to create a narrative around each of these aspects and also elaborate on his philosophy of inclusion in the classroom. We were able to help him situate the type of pedagogy he uses, the specific kind of method that emerged for the subject he was teaching and the core strategy he uses in the classroom to put his point across. 

Shashikant is a faculty at a renowned University and we helped him document his journey as a learner, a teacher, a facilitator and helped him describe into his pedagogy so he could build a collection of narratives for his professional portfolio. It helps to understand what works, what does not and what measures the individual took in order to meet institution goals

Our own creative director, Madhu Naidu has been documenting her learning journal using the portfolio approach to storytelling. She has been able to capture many aspects of her way of working and how her style of leadership helps others. 

Progressive Branding : A Powerful Portfolio Tool

Process Branding

Chronological pictorial documentation of production , manufacturing process or distribution attributes constitute a piktography that aids to help regulatory authorities or customers, clients , staff, management and other stake holders understand the process clearly.

It also functions as a template for effective quality control and regulation at every stage of the process. 

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