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The Story of Progressive Branding

Our work at Ardor, is at the intersection of design and branding! We use principles of design and create stories and narratives for individuals, organizations, groups, teams , start-ups, portfolio requirements. Let us see how all of it comes together!!

Design is not how something looks or feels ...Design is not about the beauty and aesthetics but it is fundamentally about the process of how something works! This was not the case always , design evolved from being to doing to thinking!!

Design went from aesthetics and art in temples, clothes, jewellery, utensils etc. that created a narrative for the audience as an experience during ancient times to art and craft based schools during colonial era to handmade khadi during freedom struggle to Industrial Design and Design Schools during post independence era. Right now design is mostly consumer based , preference directed , agile and situated in product design.

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Branding has been the art and science of creating power for a commodity based on its attributes. Power can be recall value, nostalgia, likeable imagery, kindling emotions etc. Power can also be in the material used to produce the commodity. Power can also be associated with the narratives created around the commodity so people will buy it. Branding has been a facet of marketing and business that interplays creating an image for a commodity based on customer feedback. preferences, brand recall, recognition, promise and positioning in the market. This is the meeting point of design and branding in modern life!

Discovery of Progressive Branding

Progressive branding itself is based in the paradigm of discovery of branding through the various layers of personality of an individual, organization, company or process. Our lived experience in the progressive approach to life and learning combined with our expertise in discovering the power attributes through story telling and narratives is at the crux of progressive branding. We firmly believe that branding should be discovered from the personality of the person, organization or process and not be forced on the product. We are taking the ancient approach to living well, living full and thriving in exploration of self and surroundings and bringing it to branding. Time and history both move in stacked circles or spirals , the advent of technology has given us space to kindle our humanness through storytelling.


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